Saturday, May 09, 2009

iPhone and iPod - Stop the Music!

The iPhone and iPod Touch are great for playing music while you gaze at the screen. They're also great for playing music while the screen is off: save power! extend battery life! The catch is that the typical way of stopping the music is so cumbersome. If the screen is off, that means the device is locked. So you turn it on, do the "slide to unlock" thing, and then hit the Pause button.

When the (non-iPhone) phone rings, or someone walks into your office to talk to you, or your speakers start blaring some inappropriate song, or you need to dash out of your car... that's just not fast enough.

Here's the shortcut: Unplug the audio cord from the iPhone or iPod. Even though the internal speaker could keep playing a tinny version of the same song, the device detects the unplugging and pauses the music automatically.

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Julian Hyde said...

I noticed the same problem - and discovered the same kludgy solution.

One problem with it: I was listening to Napalm Death on my way to work, and when I got to work I stopped listening by pulling out the cord. A couple of days later I plugged in the headphones, about to make a phone call, and music started up again. I almost jumped out of my skin.