Saturday, August 06, 2005

First Post - the Origin of BaySquared

I had a dream last night where several interesting things happened, and in the dream I thought, "I'll just write about them on my blog". Whoops, no blog. Time to take care of that.

I love coming up with names for things, but not names that define me -- I'll happily enter a naming contest that someone else has set up, but I don't like to distill my essence into a license plate or online nickname.

BaySquared represents the Then and Now of my life -- growing up in Newfoundland, Canada surrounded by Conception Bay, Trinity Bay, St. Mary's Bay, Bonavista Bay, etc., and now living in northern California where I commute to work over San Francisco Bay (I actually cross the bay 3 times on the way to work), and on vacation head to Monterey Bay, Bodega Bay, and Tomales Bay.